The Project “Making Modernity in East Asia: Technologies of Everyday Life, 19th – 21st Centuries” (MMEA) has started since June 2017. Prof. Angela Ki Che Leung (HKU), together with a team of fifteen scholars in the humanities and social sciences, aims to establish a new, disciplinary way of understanding East Asian modernity through lens of everyday technology. Click here for more about MMEA.

Plenary Conference 2018

December 10 Closed-door Panel Meeting at Room 201, 2/F, May Hall, HKU

9:00 – 10:30 am Session One
Chair: Mei Jianjun

Angela Ki Che Leung
CRF Progress Report

Max Hirsh
Transport Infrastructure and the Making of Modern East Asia

Gonçalo Santos
Reproductive Labor and Gyno-Technologies in East Asia, 1800s-2000s


10:30 – 12:15 pm Session Two
Chair: Dagmar Schäfer

Robert Peckham
Phones, Drones, and Disease: Epidemic Intelligence and the Future of Communications in East Asia

Naubahar Sharif
Indigenous Innovation and Everyday Technologies: The History of Automation and Future of Work in East Asia

Daniel Trambaiolo
Sociotechnical Systems of Pharmacotherapy in Modern East Asia, 1800-2020


1:15 – 2:30 pm Session Three
Chair: Barbara Mittler

Izumi Nakayama
Food Technology

Fung Kam Wing (in absentia)
Instruments, Meteorological Forecasting and Everyday Technology in China, Hong Kong and Japan, 1870-1950

Fan Fa-ti
Weather Forecasting and Citizen Science


3:00 – 4:00 pm Session Four: Plenary Discussion
Chair: Gregory K. Clancey

4:30 - 6:00 pm Public Keynote at Lecture Hall, G/F, May Hall, HKU

“Hormones, Hospitals, and the Green Revolution: Thinking about Scientific Innovation and Health Care Models Using Mexico as the Pivot”
By Gabriela Soto Laveaga, Harvard University
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December 11, 2018

9:30 am -1:00 pm Second Meeting with Advisory Board and International Partners at Room 201, 2/F, May Hall, HKU

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2018 Plenary Conference - Making Modernity in East Asia: Technologies of Everyday Life, 19th-21st Centuries (CRF HKU C7011-16G)

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