How Indigenous Industrialization Began in Postwar Taiwan

By Wan-wen Chu

The Future of Manufacturing Work in Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative: Imaginations, Realities, and (Dis)Continuous Inequalities

By Gayathri Haridas and Thijs Willems

Platform Capitalism “Made in China”? Intelligent Manufacturing and the Restructuring of Work

By Boy Luethje

Gig work and the discourse of autonomy: fictitious freedom in Japan’s platform economy

By Saori Shibata

The Quotidian Labour of High Tech: Automation, Innovation, and Ordinary Work in Shenzhen’s Electronics Markets

By Hallam Stevens

Manufacturing 3D Printed Futures: Comparative past perspectives of the political economies of additive manufacturing in Shenzhen and Singapore

By Luke Heemsbergen, Angela Daly and Jiajie Lu

Automating the “Workshop of the World”: Explaining the Process of Industrial Upgrading in Dongguan, China

By Naubahar Sharif and Yu Huang