Feather Duster

Feather Duster

A feather duster is a tool used for cleaning or dusting, typically consisting of a cluster of poultry feathers or fibers attached at the end of a long handle in rattan. In many Asian regions, rooster feathers are commonly used to make feather dusters.

Mr. Chung is the third generation of the shop Chung Leung Ching Kee and currently the only known person who hand makes feather dusters in Hong Kong. The family business was established by his grandfather over 60 years ago, and he inherited the shop from his father. 

Mr. Chung uses feathers from a breed of chicken called luhua ji (蘆花雞 reed chicken) and rattan sourced from Indonesia to make his feather dusters. Each standard-sized feather duster is made with a thousand pieces of feathers, each carefully chosen.  The feathers are sometimes dyed to produce brighter effects.

Fig. 1 Chung Leung Ching Kee is located in an ally in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Fig. 2  This photo was taken some 60 years ago, in which the sign board of Chung Leung Ching Kee is found (on the left). Source: Photo taken by Sau Yi Cheng, with permission by Mr. Chung.

Fig. 3 The logo of Chung Leung Ching Kee — two roosters. Source: Photo taken by Sau Yi Cheng.

Fig. 4  Color feather dusters. Source: Photos taken by Sau Yi Cheng.