• Feather Duster

    Feather Duster

    A feather duster is a tool used for cleaning or dusting, typically consisting of a cluster of poultry feathers or fibers attached at the end of a long handle in rattan. …

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  • Wood Carving

    Wood Carving

    Woodcarvers are a subset of carpenters, also known as carpenters of details. …

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  • Making Kites

    Making Kites

    Banyao (banyao) Kites (板鷂風箏)
    The banyao kite is a traditional kite, also known as the “board kite” (板箏) due to its flat, rectangular shape; yao means “birds of prey”. …

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  • Making and Repairing Wooden Barrels

    Making and Repairing Wooden Barrels

    A cooper (箍桶匠), also known as a wooden barrel carpenter, is a craftsman specialized in making and repairing wooden barrels or wooden tubs for various purposes. …

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  • Chinese Painting Pigments

    Chinese Painting Pigments

    Chinese painting pigments are divided into two main categories: mineral colours, also known as stone colours (石色), and plant-based colours, also known as water colours (水色). …

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  • Carpentry



    Carpentry is one of the oldest traditional crafts. …

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  • Silk Weaving

    Silk Weaving

    Silk Weaving

    Brocade silk (緙絲) is an ancient silk weaving craft originated from China. …

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  • Bamboo Craftsmanship

    Bamboo Craftsmanship

    Craftsmen who make bamboo products are called bamboo weavers. They use bamboo to make furniture and other household items. …

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  • Artisanal Paper-making

    Artisanal Paper-making

    Traditional artisanal papermaking follows has a specific set of production processes, including soaking, cooking, rinsing and sun-bleaching the materials used before they are hand-beat to form the paper pulp to be scooped, pressed, and dried to produce the final product. …

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